Can You Lease a Used Car?

While used car leasing is a rarer option for drivers, it may be a possibility. Many drivers in the Escondido area are attracted to leasing because it is often more affordable than financing and more accessible to drivers with less than ideal credit. So, can you lease a used car near you? It can be an option, but because it is so rare and certain manufacturers such as Chevrolet and Cadillac prohibit leasing a used vehicle, you’ll have a hard time finding the right deal.



Used Car Leasing Tips and Tricks

If you’re still considering a used car lease, San Diego drives, read on with tips from our finance center experts for the benefits and drawbacks:

  • Look into your leasing restrictions. A lease contract will often have restrictions on the mileage you can put on your vehicle and maintenance requirements. This is also true for used cars. Keep in mind your needs as you search around the Chula Vista area.
  • Some buyers prefer to lease prior to purchase. If a dealership does offer used car leasing options, it may also be the case that you could purchase the contract terms during or at the end of your leasing term. Learn more with our tips for first-time buyers.
  • Check with the dealership. Even if a dealership offers used car leases, they might not advertise this information on their website. If you’re dead-set on leasing a used car, call or contact the seller to find out if they’d be willing to lease.
  • Figure in the cost of insurance. Be aware that a car’s price tag can affect your insurance premium. A more affordable vehicle may reduce your insurance costs. However, you might be required to purchase extra coverage for a leased vehicle, since you’re not the ultimate owner.

Stay Informed with Tips from Karz Plus!

For drivers looking for the highest quality pre-owned vehicles in your Chula Vista area, Karz Plus is a must-see. Our team is ready to explore any part of the process with you, whether you’re applying for financing or looking to value your trade. Stop by in National City, or contact us today for any of your financing and vehicle needs!

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