First Time Auto Loans

First Time Buyer Auto Loans

Are you in National City and looking for your first vehicle? You probably have a lot of questions like: “What kind of car should I get?”, “How will I secure credit?”, and “Should I buy a new or used car?”. Karz Plus has all the information you need to make an informed decision. Read below to learn some tips for first-time car buyers, then come take a look at our showroom near Escondido, or check out our current selection online to see if we have a vehicle that meets your needs. At Karz Plus, we go the extra mile when it comes to matching you with the right vehicle. Stop by and find yours today.

Tips For First-Time Car Buyers

When you’re buying a car for the first time in San Diego, it can be a nerve wracking experience. However, to make it easier we’ve collected some tips for first-time car buyers to follow. Read them below!

  • Avoid a Car Lease: When you go to a dealership, salesmen will emphasize to you the benefits of leasing a new or used car, however, leasing a car is more expensive in the long run than buying one. Not only will you be responsible for your monthly payment, but also all the maintenance the car will need. Additionally, you may be charged extra in fees if the car is returned damaged or it has excess miles.
  • Buy Used: At Karz Plus, we love used cars, which is why we think your first car should be a used one! There are many benefits to buying a used car, including a lower overall cost, a variety of makes, models, and colors to choose from, plus the latest technology and performance features. Additionally, when you buy a used car you can look up the car’s history, it’s ratings, and it’s reviews. Cars that have been on the market longer provide buyers with a better idea of how they will run after a few years in National City. Finally, you’ll avoid the significant depreciation that new cars face after they drive off the lot. Making your first vehicle a used car is a great investment in your finances and your daily commute!
  • Consider Alternate Financing Options: Most new car buyers take out a loan for their first car, and they may choose to finance with the lender at the dealership. While Karz Plus% has a selection of lenders to choose from so you get the lowest rate possible, you can also get a loan from a third-party lender. You can apply for a car loan at your bank or at a credit union as well to see which offers the lowest rate, and then make your decision. You can learn more about in-house financing with Karz Plus.
  • Read The Contract Carefully: When you buy a new car, you’re entering into a legal agreement with the seller. Wherever you decide to buy the car – in a dealership or online – the agreement is binding. Before you sign the papers though, be sure to read the contract carefully and have a full understanding of what’s expected from you and the seller. Once the papers are signed everything is final.
  • Get The Car Inspected: Before you buy any car, have it inspected by a mechanic you trust. Even if the car looks great on the outside, you want to make sure that it’s engine and undercarriage are performing as they should. A thorough inspection can save you thousands of dollars, and save you from a bad purchase.
  • Negotiate the Price: There’s always room for negotiation when purchasing a car. To avoid overpaying, look up the car’s value on Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds. Follow the instructions and input all the information you can about the car. Once you have a few estimates, subtract 10%-20% and come back to the seller with your offer.

We Make Getting Credit Easy

If you are in the market for your first vehicle, you probably are wondering how you are going to secure the credit that you need to bring one home. While many banks, credit unions, and dealerships won’t work with first time car buyers, Karz Plus will. At Karz Plus, we have years of experience working with people just like you with little or no credit to get the car that you need, when you need it. At Karz Plus, it only takes a short time to know exactly what you have to work with. Whether you visit with our staff onsite, call in on our phone service, or fill out our online credit form, you will know in no time at all whether you are approved. After that, the fun part begins, and you can find the perfect vehicle to bring home that day.

Get Your First Car at Karz Plus!

At Karz Plus, we want you to be satisfied with the vehicle you buy and the price you pay for it. Now that you’ve learned some first-time car buyer tips, contact us to browse our showroom and take a test drive around Chula Vista. Are you on a tight budget? Browse our selection of vehicles available for under $10,000 and under $5,000, you can also browse our vehicle specials to see if the car you want is available at a discount. Looking to refinance a car loan? Learn how to improve your financial status with us today!

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