What To Look For In A Used Honda CR-V

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What To Look For In A Used Honda CR-V

Getting yourself and your family into a sporty SUV sounds like a great plan for making life more adventurous. So What To Look For In A Used Honda CR-V? First you need to think about what features will suit your lifestyle. Do you need all wheel drive? Is leather trim a want or a need? There is plenty to consider from a vehicle that offers plenty of comfort and convenience features. At Karz Plus, you will find quality pre-loved vehicles for sale, and this is how you can be sure.

Low Mileage Plus

Take advantage of a low mileage used Honda CR-V. Low mileage vehicles have generally been subject to less wear and tear than their higher mileage counterparts. As a rule, less than 10,000 miles per year is indicative of a gently used vehicle. However, ensure to not only rely on the numbers in the odometer. A true low mile vehicle will have an interior with little wear on the seats, controls, and plastic components of the interior.

Structural Safety

Ensure to check the coachwork for evidence of rust. Especially in vehicles that have been used in coastal and snow affected areas as the presence of salt in the environment oxidizes the steel and leads to rust formation. Likely areas to be affected in a used Honda CR-V are the wheel arches, undercarriage and the sills and underside of the doors. Rust runs the whole spectrum from just being unsightly to creating structural issues in advanced stages. Best to check before purchase.

Due Diligence

Make sure before you buy that you run the relevant checks to ensure that the vehicle has not been involved in any major collisions, or has an encumbrance against it for previous finance so that you don’t get stuck with a vehicle that you are paying off, being repossessed for someone else’s debt. Start your search at Karz Plus, a reputable dealer will ensure quality vehicles with no shady past.

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