What To Look For In A Used Honda HR-V

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What To Look For In A Used Honda HR-V

At Karz Plus, we want to help you get into the best pre-loved vehicle in your budget, so to do that, we will help you learn what to look for in a used Honda HR-V. Available in the USA since 2015, you will be looking at fairly new vehicles on the used car market. The benefit of buying vehicles of this age is that they should still be in good condition throughout and well within the warranty period.

Look For Wear

For newer vehicles on the used car market, spotting issues can be much harder than with an older car. As with all SUVs it is a good idea to have a check under the vehicle to ensure that no damage has occured due to enthusiastic driving outside the specifications of the vehicle. Even with crossovers such as the Honda HR-V, some owners like to think that they have bought the most rugged off road vehicle and drive it as such, to the detriment of the suspension bushes and sump housing.


A thorough mechanical check is in order, especially if the interior of the vehicle is not in great condition. Owners who treat their crossovers roughly, will often neglect other aspects of vehicle care. Check the owner’s manual to ensure that the scheduled servicing has been undertaken at the correct intervals for the age and mileage of the used Honda HR-V. Careful checking of the hinges, weld lines and bolts can give a hint whether the vehicle has had body repairs at any time as well.

Quality Vehicle, Quality HR-V

It’s not often thought of as something to be wary of, but make sure that you are comfortable with the dealer that you buy from. In case anything needs repairing or rectifying, you need to be sure that the dealer that you buy from is reputable and has a history of good service. At Karz Plus, we think that you should enjoy a long service life from your used Honda HR-V, so we only have quality examples for sale at our dealership.

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