What To Look For In A Used Toyota Corolla

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What To Look For In A Used Toyota Corolla

With a long history of producing this reliable small car, Toyota have many used Corollas living long lives and appearing multiple times on the used car market. Smart, economical, and easy to drive, a pre-loved Corolla makes for equally a great choice for your first car or a repeat purchase. To help you select the right one for you, Karz Plus wishes to help you learn What To Look For In A Used Toyota Corolla.

Consider Safety Features

It is imperative to purchase a Used Toyota Corolla that has as low mileage and age as you can afford. In recent times, vehicle safety has made significant improvements and a newer vehicle allows you to take advantage of advanced safety systems. A low mileage vehicle, which equates to less than 10,000 miles of travel per year of age, should also have a body and interior with less wear and tear apparent.

Maintenance Records

Ensure that the vehicle that you intend to buy has been maintained correctly by checking the entries in the owner’s manual for scheduled servicing intervals. It is also important to check for a history of accident damage and also for encumbrances due to previous owners financing. Buying a used Toyota Corolla from a reputable dealer will mitigate most of the risks of these scenarios.

Condition Check

A thorough check of the condition of the vehicle should be undertaken. Worn controls, seats and carpet damage can indicate a vehicle that has been poorly treated. Oxidation of pain and rusting of the exterior can indicate a vehicle that has been housed outside or driven in environments with high salinity. Forgo the color of your choice, for the vehicle with the best quality finish. Start your search for a used Toyota Corolla at Karz Plus.

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